Got pets?

Got Pets?

If you are like us and have a furry creature or two at your house (we have 3 dogs and 3 cats) you need to make sure you’re prepping for their short term/long term survival as well. The average dog needs an ounce of water per pound of body weight; the average cat needs about 8 ounces per day. These numbers do vary according to the type of food they eat, if you feed them only dry food then their water consumption will be slightly higher. Canned dog and cat food has a pretty decent shelf life, about 2 years in most cases, but dry food is only about a year. You can extend the freshness of dry food considerably by vacuum sealing a few bags for later use. So now that you have a good stash of food and water for them, are ya good? Well, what about flea and tick medicine if they venture outside? Do they take any medications?


Animals, particularly dogs, quickly sense when you are stressed and react as such. Just the changes in your routine during a blackout or other minor emergency can cause the furry members of the family to become stressed. Show them some love! We have some extra treats put away in a vacuum sealed bag that we can break out in just such emergencies (chewy treats are best.) Stash away a toy or two; a new toy and of course some chewy treats can turn an otherwise stressful time into an awesome day for our little best friends.

Happy Prepping!


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