Prepping on a budget

I’ve heard some say they can’t afford to prepare for the future, but at the same time you really can’t afford not to. I doubt very many preppers just woke up one day and ordered $6,000 worth of freeze-dried food, a fully stocked ‘bug out bag’ and a remote mountain location to hunker down in. No my friends, not everyone can buy everything they need all at once, it’s a process. All these folks you see on ‘Doomsday Preppers’ didn’t get where they are overnight – they all got there in steps and so can you. So cut back on the Starbucks, drop a premium channel or 2 from your cable service and lets get prepping!

Start small

You have to start somewhere so what are you waiting for? For example if this week you put back 5 cans of fruit, 3 1lb bags of dried beans, a jar of peanut butter and 2 cases of water – you spent less than $20 and you’re already better off than most of your neighbors. Then say next week you buy 5 cans of soup, extra pack of toilet paper and order a $10 LED Flashlight from Amazon, still just $20 and you’re making progress! Do that every week and soon they’ll be calling you a prepper!

We buy a little extra of something or some things every time we go to the grocery store. Each purchase is deliberate. We list what we will need for the week then add a few extra items for the prepper closet. In addition, twice a month (I’m paid twice a month) we purchase something off our Amazon wish list based on what we feel is the biggest bang for our prepper buck. Today I ordered a couple of Solar Chargers that I’ll review after I spend some time with them; 2 weeks ago it was a Vacuum Sealer, and some LED Lanterns before that. So sit down and start writing your list; then prioritize and remember to ‘buy what you use.’ Baby steps, folks, baby steps.

Check back soon as we’ll be posting our suggestions for your prepper closet.

Happy Prepping!

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