Budget deficit increases to $587B

The deficit continues to soar…and nobody cares. With revenues of $3.3 TRILLION you would think that we could somehow manage to stay on a budget, maybe even pay down a little bit of that nearly $20 TRILLION debt, but sadly no. Not only that but our military is actually shrinking due to budget cuts with the Army now at it’s smallest size since WWII. So where did it all go?!?!?  When you start talking in trillions peoples eyes start to glaze over because they really can’t wrap their head around numbers that large. To put things in perspective, a $20 Trillion deficit vs. $3.3 trillion in revenue is like owing $303,000 and making $50,000 a year and borrowing an additional  $7,500 a year in new debt. This is a bit of an over simplification because it doesn’t take into account the interest rates you might be paying or that you’ll likely only take home about $37,500 (if you’re lucky,) but it should help put things into perspective. Note: these numbers don’t include the Trillions of unfunded mandates we are obligated to pay. Sadly, neither candidate for President is talking about what is likely (in my humble opinion) the greatest threat to our long-term survival as a nation. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Happy prepping!



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