What’s driving your prep?

For some reason this week I have felt a new driving force, a new sense of urgency to my prepping. I’m honestly not sure what the underlying reason behind it is, all I know is that I’m more driven than ever before to prepare more and prepare faster. A nasty dental issue pretty much sidelined most of my efforts this week forcing me take a look at that probability in a SHTF situation. Fortunately I did have some dental pain killers and lots of Ibuprofen in the house, but still the thought of experiencing that during a crisis is frightening and something I’ll need to look into more in the future. Feel free to submit any ideas or preps you may have taken in this area.


After reading ‘The Armed Christian’s’ weekly ‘What did you prep this week?’ (if you’re not subscribed please do so) I started asking myself, what is my driving force, why am I doing all this?

So what’s your driving force? What is it that drives you to ready yourself for an uncertain future that others fail to see or refuse to see? For my own reflection I decided to make a short, incomplete list of things that drive us to prepare, maybe you can identify with some of these yourself.

  • The Presidential Election
  • Corrupt Media
  • BLM and other radical groups
  • Violent attacks on political rallies
  • Proposed Gun Control/Gun Grab
  • Fragile infrastructure – water and electricity
  • Proxy Wars with Russia and Iran
  • Mission creep in Iraq
  • Terrorists entering through our porous borders
  • ‘Refugees’ being settled in our neighborhoods
  • Cops being attacked/ambushed/murdered
  • Persecution and Slaughter of Christians around the world
  • Massive and unsustainable National Debt
  • Economic Collapse/2nd Great Depression
  • Weakened Military ruined by Political Correctness/Social Experiments
  • School system that indoctrinates instead of educates
  • Generation of “snowflakes’ hiding in their ‘safe spaces’
  • GMO/Fragile food supply
  • EMP/Terrorist Attack/Solar Flare
  • Moral Decay and destruction of the family unit
  • And so on, and so on

I guess it really is endless. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

For more on this check out my article on “What types of events are you prepping for?

Happy prepping!


  1. New Zealand where I live is known as the shaky isles because of all the earth quakes we have. We live above a fault where the Pacific plate dives under the australasian plate and sooner or later we expect the Big One. So my prepping focuses on quakes and other natural disasters – storms, floods, volcanic eruptions etc. Any disaster, natural or political that could cause panic and civil unrest is a worry. We prep to help us get through and to have an edge over the average Joe.

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