Germans are leaving Germany ‘in droves’ – Syrian ‘Refugees’ tell them to get out!

Yes, you read that right. According to an article on Zero Hedge, Germans are literally being chased out of their own country by the Islamic immigrants their own elected government felt ‘morally obligated’ to allow in, all without the consent of the people.

“We refugees do not want to live in the same country with you. You can, and I think you should, leave Germany. Why do you not go to another country? We are sick of you!”Aras Bacho 18-year old Syrian immigrant.

You read that right, Syria ‘immigrants’ telling German citizens to get out of their own country. And many Germans are; 138,000 left in 2015 with even more expected to leave this year. Germans are abandoning their homes and neighborhoods in ‘droves’ to escape the increasing violence including an ‘epidemic of rape and sexual assault.’

Americans have long been known for thinking ‘it could never happen here,’ but are you sure? Our own government seems hell bent on importing thousands of these same ‘refugees’ into your neighborhood and again, all without the consent of the people. Europe is losing its culture along with its security – and as we follow the same path can we reasonably expect a different outcome? I for one have always believed that if America was to fall it would come from within. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Happy prepping!


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