Was massive internet attack just a practice run?

A massive coordinated cyber attack forced hundreds of major companies offline on Friday, including Amazon and Twitter, in what some believe might be a practice run. The attack is said to have come from ‘tens of millions of IP addresses’ likely infected with malware whose owners are probably unaware their PC was even involved. Scary thought.

Some political talking heads are saying it’s a practice run for Election Day, and maybe so; others say it was revenge for cutting off Julian Assange’s internet access, yet another strong possibility. However, a very real and very scary possibility exists that I’m not seeing covered in the media – that it could be the Russians responding to Joe Biden’s threat of a cyber attack on Russia. Remember that just before their invasion of the Ukraine in 2008 and the invasion of Georgia 6 years before that, the former Soviet Union employed very similar ‘denial of service’ attacks. With the current Administration and the Hillary campaign blaming their woes on the Russians, not to mention Biden’s big mouth, would it really be all that surprising?

You may or may not have been affected by the massive interruption of internet services yesterday, but imagine the chaos a full scale attack could cause. Regardless of who is really behind the attack and what their real motive might be, this incident just further demonstrates how fragile our infrastructure really is. Can you imagine the impact on the economy if such an outage went on for a week or even longer? How long do you think the banking system would hold up without access to the internet? How about the electrical grid, water treatment, etc… Not to mention a pampered and overly entitled population ill prepared for any disruption of ‘normal’ life? Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Happy prepping!


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