Fail: Gun Controlled Australia Admits Criminals Still Armed, Launches New Amnesty

Now 20 years after Australia’s massive crackdown on guns, guess who still has guns, come on, you know the answer – yes, the criminals that’s who! Surprise, surprise! Now folks, you and I have all seen those bumper stickers, you know ‘When guns are illegal only criminals will have guns,’ well that certainly seems to be the case in Australia. So why is it that so many in this Country are unable to learn from the failure of others, why do we insist on them failing here too? Look at the policies of the current Administration and the proposed policies of the wannabe Clinton Administration; this stuff has all been tried elsewhere with poor results, so why would any rational person think that they would have a different result here? Single-payer government healthcare is bankrupting the UK, Spain’s Green Energy program has been a huge job killer, and clearly Australia’s strict gun control has failed – do we really have to learn everything the hard way? Did your mom ever ask you ‘if Johnny jumped off a bridge would you jump off a bridge too?’  Mom was right, but too many in this Country still want to jump off that bridge – and they wonder why we’re preppers. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Happy prepping!

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