Fear is in the air: Gun Sales up more than 30% in First Half of 2016

Recently I had one of those days where you run all over town; drop off this, pick up that kind of thing and decided I would pick up some 9mm ammo while I was out – no big deal. To my surprise, at 1 PM on a weekday, the ‘gun store’ was absolutely packed! No it wasn’t a bunch of ‘crazy rednecks’ with nothing better to do (possibly deplorables,) it wasn’t a bunch of old guys just killing time; no, it was the same crowd you might run into at the grocery store – except they weren’t buying eggs, they were buying guns and ammunition. Note: this is not one of those large ‘sporting goods stores’ this is a very large privately owned gun store – no fishing rods or running shoes here; just guns, ammo and accessories. As I shopped I couldn’t help but notice how many employees were busy explaining the differences between certain guns, and trying to help people make good decisions on purchasing their FIRST gun. One professional looking young couple was trying to decide between several ‘assault style’ rifles comparing features vs. price much as they would any other purchase while an elderly couple was busy comparing revolvers – a sight that would certainly send the Hillary crowd into a complete meltdown. Now, obviously all the customers weren’t first time buyers, but a large number clearly were; so why – what would lead so many people out on a weekday afternoon to buy their very first gun? Really? Have you watched the news? Have you seen what’s going on in the world, in our own Country? Apparently I’m not the only one the only one concerned that our Republic is in serious trouble. Apparently I’m not the only worried about a presidential candidate who openly opposes your 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 10th Amendment rights while her aides are all busy taking the 5th. Apparently I’m not the only one who is concerned that Hillary Clinton could soon be the most powerful person in the world – and you thought the last 8 years were bad. Think about it; I did – decided I needed a few more boxes of 45s as well, and maybe some .223.

Food, Water, Shelter, Security – hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Happy prepping!

Gun Sales up more than 30% in First Half of 2016


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