New Study: Want to be more successful,try thinking about death

This new study shows that basketball players who completed a questionnaire about death before a game of one-on-one performed 40% better than those who didn’t. Oddly enough, this actually makes sense. The idea of our own inevitable demise can make us more focused on the moment; more intense, more diligent and therefore ultimately more successful. The thought of our own mortality can force us to look beyond our everyday activities and realize that someday we’ll all be gone. Someday, all the things we’ve done will likely be forgotten – we will likely be forgotten. It makes us question if what we’re doing today really matters. I think we get so caught up in the day to day drone of work, school, eat, sleep, watch TV, and so on that we lose perspective – we forget how short life really is. We forget how fragile and fleeting our lives really are. My family has suffered through a lot of death this year, some expected due to advanced age, but some horribly shocking due to how young the individual was and how much more time they surely thought they had. Many of us work hard to take care of our families; to provide food, shelter and security – we work hard to prepare for what the future may hold for us – but sometimes I think we forget why we do it. In working to survive, we need to remember to live. Do something different today, take a moment to put it all in perspective and remember what’s important. Do more than just survive – live. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Happy prepping!

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