Congratulations! Your portion of the National Debt just grew to $61,100.30!

Reality Check: the Feds raked in record taxes of $221,690,000,000 in October, and still ran $44,192,000,000 deficit!

Bloated, reckless, short-sighted; call it what you will, but our Federal Govt. is out of control. Your elected officials banked the equivalent of $1,459 for every American working full or part-time, but spent $1,750. How long do you think you could continue to spend that way before you hit bankruptcy? With the current National Debt standing at over $18.2 Trillion can we really continue on with the reckless policies that have gotten us here? If you really break it down, every single person in the Country (legally that is) owes $61,100.30. Yes, $61,100.30 for every person, from grandma to your newborn, you are in debt from your first breath to your last. Gee, where do I send my check!

Much like the spoiled little brats burning our cities because they didn’t get more free stuff, your elected officials want stuff (and promise you stuff) they simply can’t pay for so they just borrow more! They borrow from Social Security, they borrow from the Fed, they borrow from Foreign countries (in the form of bonds,) they borrow against your future – they spend, spend, spend, and leave you holding the bag. People worry about Social Security, and they should. People worry about the job market, and they should. People worry about the economy, and they definitely should. If the Federal Government was a business they would have closed their doors long ago, period. How long will we continue to allow these ‘public servants’ to bury us in endless debt? If you ever needed something to worry about – here it is. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Happy prepping!


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