Stop the Madness! Feds Run $208.3 Billion Deficit in 1st 3 Months

Our ‘friends’ in DC continue to help themselves, to your wallet that is. Over just the first 3 months of fiscal 2017 your Federal Government just saddled every American worker with an additional $1,370 worth of debt – and they wonder why we’re preppers. The Feds raked in the 3rd largest tax haul in history, yet apparently felt compelled to spend 22% more! Where does it stop? How deep a hole will they dig us into before something gives? As of January 3rd, 2017 the debt per American household stood at $158,442, but wait there’s more! If you take into account the projected shortfalls in Medicare, Social Security, Federal Pensions, other Government liabilities and unfunded obligations then, deep breath, each and every person drawing breath in the US owes a staggering $237,284! And they didn’t even buy you dinner first!


OK, so I know some folks are pumped up over the coming change of power in Washington, and I do hope someone, anyone, can pull us out of this death spiral of debt; I’m just not willing to bet my life on it.


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