Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

I know many of my fellow preppers have slowed or even stopped their prepping activities as a result of the November Election; bad idea. The direction of our Government is certain to change, but that doesn’t mean crime will drop, doesn’t mean a financial crisis has been avoided, nor does it mean that there won’t be natural disasters – there will be.

We have a nation as divided as it’s ever been.

We have a national media that has proven to be intentionally misleading.

We have 96 million not in the work force, many who plan to stay that way.

We have left wing hate groups bent on creating havoc in the streets.

We have a National Debt approaching $20 Trillion.

We have race relations at probably the lowest level since the 60’s.

We have a generation of snowflakes unable to face the realities of the world.

We have problems folks.

I too am hopeful for a better tomorrow, but I’m just not willing to bet my life or the lives of my family on it.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Happy prepping!

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