Solar: Taking the Plunge

Ok, so we finally took the plunge. We just made our first, and probably not the last, investment in some solar equipment. Disclaimer: we are not trying to go ‘green,’ reduce our use of ‘evil’ fossil fuels, reduce our carbon footprint, or any of the other catch phrases often associated with alternative energy. No, we are simply trying to be as self reliant as possible. We want the ability to generate at least some energy independent of the grid.

Renogy 200 Watts 12 Volt Complete Solar Panel kit Monocrystalline with Charge Controller +Mounts+ 100AH Gel Battery+ 500W Pure Sine-Wave Inverter

Those who read regularly know that we have been researching this for a while, trying to find a reasonably inexpensive way to get started, not an easy task as we found. So many of the starter kits we found require quite a few additional items just to get the system up and running, the system we chose seems the most complete in it’s price range. This one actually comes with a battery, which is apparently very unusual, and an electronics friendly pure sine-wave inverter.

We will be posting updates regularly, starting next week when we begin the install. Wish us luck!

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!

Happy prepping!

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