Gear Review: Rolling Fox Tarp Shelter

The keys to survival remain fairly constant: food, water, shelter, security. If you carry a bug-out-bag or EDC bag you might want to consider adding this to your carry. This little shelter weights less than 2 lbs. and packs down into a very small package.

rolling fox

It’s called a tarp shelter because it’s basically a very light-weight tarp, yet unlike the traditional 8’x10’ tarp with 4 little O-rings on the corners this kit comes with a total of 16 tie down points, 4 metal stakes, and 4 9 foot pieces of paracord and a carry bag to keep it all together. 

 rolling fox 4

The first time I went to use it I discovered that it didn’t come with any instructions, fortunately I didn’t really need them. It’s simple and easy to set up in a variety of positions depending on what you have available to use.

 rolling fox 2

In this case one tree as some level ground and we’ve got a pretty decent shelter from the elements.

The upside: compact, less than 2 lbs., easy to set-up/take down, excellent protection against rain and wind.

rolling fox 3

Downside: doesn’t provide much protection from the sun and light color makes it stand out in the woods; a darker color would probably solve both these issues.

Bottom line: for about $35 you can add this great little shelter to your bug-out-bag or like me just take in on longer hikes when that occasional summer storm might pop up. You can easily set up a quick effective shelter in the time it would take you to put on the rain gear. This shelter will accompany me on every hike from now on, period. I will add more photos and updates as I continue to put it to use throughout the summer.

Note: as of this writing the Rolling Fox Tarp Shelter is back in stock on both the company website as well as on Amazon; as always, we’ll keep you posted.

Rolling Fox Tarp Shelter

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