Prepper Garden Update

In our quest to be more self sufficient we have tilled, planted, and weeded our way to some delicious healthy veggies. If you’ve never grown your own try it! It’s much healthier and tastes sooo much better.

We have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can indeed grow corn in containers! Where our efforts to grow corn in the garden were thwarted twice by crows, those seeds we tossed in a cheap plastic bin from Wal-Mart did quite well.



Cucumbers have pretty much taken over one of the raised bed, apparently they are mostly volunteers as we didn’t plant THAT many. 

Peppers, peppers everywhere! Green peppers are doing well, but we will soon be buried in jalapenos! Anyone have any suggestions on what to do with an over abundance?



Strawberries have been a real treat this summer as we are able to gather 3-4 every morning.

We have frozen a good amount of green beans so far and have two more separate plantings that should keeps us eating deep into the fall. I know some will say we should can rather than freeze, but blanching and freezing is quick and easy and my freezer is solar powered.


Carrots and radishes are doing well for the first time; our special guard cat seems to be keeping the rabbits at bay.


Would love to hear how your gardening efforts have turned out so far.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Happy prepping!


  1. Peppers can be seeded & chopped and then frozen. They also make very nice gifts or you could sell some if you still feel like you have too many. You could also find recipes that use peppers, prepare and freeze for quick meals later.


  2. You can pickle peppers. Pickled peppers go great on nachos, tacos or I like them chopped to make a Jalapeno relish for hot dogs. You can also combine them with tomatoes and other ingredients and can your own salsa.

    Quick questions…
    Do you put holes in the containers for water drainage?
    What size tubs are those for the corn?

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