Be a Better YOU than You Were Yesterday

With the current ‘crisis’ with N Korea, I’ve noticed quite a few people rushing to get their preps back in order (or least they say they are) but the need to rush out to buy supplies NOW means you’re probably not all that prepared. Now I imagine we have all been guilty from time to time (I know I have) of getting a little lax in our prepping routine. I know I have not been getting enough range time for sure, but I recently realized just how physically unprepared I really was. Being physically prepared is one of the most difficult preps to achieve because you can’t buy physical fitness, you have to work at it everyday and be diligent in its pursuit. Trust me, its way easier to buy a couple of extra cans of food every week than to hike 20 miles a week. Think about it this way, that fancy bug out bag or get home bag you put together probably gives you a least some sense of preparedness, but how far could you carry it if you had to flee on foot? Are you physically prepared to get yourself and possibly others to safety? I wasn’t. Like other types of prepping, physical preparedness is a slow steady journey, you don’t start day 1 with a 20 mile hike, but more like a walk around the block and slowly work up to bigger challenges. I started by walking a minimum of a mile per day, sometimes just up and down the little country road I live on. Other days I would head to a State Park and take on more difficult hikes. In 4 weeks I’ve gone from struggling to walk 1 mile to hikes of 10 miles or more.  It is tough sometimes to make yourself do it, but no one said it was going to be easy and the payoff could be huge.

So maybe hiking isn’t for you, try something else, maybe biking with the kids, whatever you can do to increase your physical activity will make you better prepared for what may lie ahead. So get to it!

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  1. Great article ! I too have noticed I’ve been slacking in my physical preparedness. I am trying to go on longer walks and add some push ups and sit ups in to my usual routine.
    Thanks for reminding us that physical fitness is very important !

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