What is the Weakest Link in Your Prep?

First of all, preparedness in not a race or a competition, nor is it the simple act of hoarding food, ammo or equipment. I participate in several online forums on the subject and all too often I see members bashing other members for their choices of supplies, lack of knowledge or where they are in their journey. Everyone has their own pace and their own priorities and that’s OK! Balance and steady progress are really the keys to truly being prepared. If you have 3 days worth of supplies in your home you’re better off than 95% of the country!

So take a step back for a moment and think through a few likely scenarios and how prepared you would be to handle them.

If the lights went out right now:

Would you have the ability to light your home, cook food, clean or bathe?

Could you protect your property and for how long? Could you produce enough heat to protect your family from the elements?

Do you have small children or elderly in your group and the ability to care for their particular needs?

When was the last time you started that generator you bought and do you have the right size cords for it? Do you know what you can run on it and what you can’t? Have you ever even started the thing?

If you were away from home when this occurred would you be able to make it home, would you have enough gas in the car, could you make the journey on foot, would you be able to survive the elements?

If you needed to escape to another location, what or who might slow you down? Do you have a family meeting place designated if you are separated? Do you know alternative routes to your bug out location? How would you communicate with family or friends?

I’m betting that if you honestly asked yourself these questions then you probably found a few things lacking (or maybe even a lot of things). Too often we get so caught up in one or two elements that we stray from the basics. Some romanticize of some wild west SHTF event where all they need is a gun and a load of ammo, but that’s really just their fantasy and not very likely to occur. Your prep doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to work.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Happy prepping!

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