Charlottesville: You’re Missing the Big Picture

Unless you live in a media vacuum I have to assume you’ve seen the stories coming out of Charlottesville VA about the “Unite the Right Rally” that turned violent. The media, as you would expect them to, is placing the blame on the ‘right wing’ protesters and ignoring what actually happened here. First of all, I am not defending the protesters or what they stand for, fact is it doesn’t matter WHO the protesters were; they had a permit, they were attacked, police did nothing to stop it and the media and corrupt State and local politicians blame the protesters – wow. The left and it’s media lapdog clearly are supporting the violent attack by Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other left wing groups because they didn’t like who the protesters were – again, protesters with a permit. The organizer of the rally was later physically attacked at a press conference by a man proclaiming “free speech doesn’t protect hate speech.” Really? Think about that for a minute. Now think about the fact that some radical left wing groups have called the Bible hate speech. Read that again, many have called the Bible hate speech; go ahead, Google it. The First Amendment was crafted to protect unpopular speech as popular speech would not need such protections. So what if your church group decided to protest the removal of a cross from some public area, would it be ok for the Antifa or some other group of yahoos to come in and attack you with bags of feces and urine because they don’t like what you have to say? Would the police stand by and watch as you get pummeled because of your belief in the Bible? Who can say when they might consider your church itself an offense to their beliefs. No, it was not only the protesters under attack here, it was your constitutionally protected right to free speech. In America you can peacefully protest anything you want, you have the right to say any kind of vile thing you like; doesn’t mean I have to agree, doesn’t mean I have to like it, and it doesn’t give me the right to punch you in the face either.

The left is continuing its mission to normalize violence against anyone they disagree with. Your God given and constitutionally protected rights are under attack and unfortunately many are just too blind to see it. Forget N Korea, Iran, solar flares or volcanic eruptions; this is truly the greatest threat to our fragile society and it may already be too late to stop it. May God help us.


  1. Great article. I think Neo Nazis are outrageous but you are right on, they did get a permit and they have a First Amendment right to their opinion no matter how absurd the opinion. Antifa an other leftist thugs destroy property and assault people but that is OK with the mainstream media since the communist agenda is apparently politically correct these days while the Nazi agenda is not. Communism killed a whole lot more people in the 20th Century than did fascism so I find it every bit as detestable. Call it socialism or some other more palatable title, it is still communism and wanting to trade your individual liberties for free stuff from the government is just as un-American as wearing a shirt with Hitler quotes.

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