Gear Review: Wansview Outdoor WiFi Wireless Camera

To be perfectly honest, I originally had no plans to review this product, but I’m so pleased with the results that I thought I would share them. The camera we’ve had facing the front door/driveway for the last 6 years finally died so we set out to replace it, inexpensively. We settled on this Wansview Outdoor WiFi Wireless Camera based on price (around $40) and customer reviews.


The camera is weatherproof and connects to your wireless router so you can link it to
your tablet or smartphone. It took longer to take the old camera down than it did to program and install this one. This camera is NOT accessible through the internet only from your wireless router, so you can only access it while you are within range of your WiFi. Yes, there are cameras that you can access through the internet, but that isn’t what we were in the market for.

Set up was easy, set up guide says to scan the QPR code on the camera, but if you have trouble with that as we did, all the codes are printed on the camera. The camera requires access to power via the included power cord otherwise it is wireless with a claimed range of about 50 feet. We have installed it on 2 tablets and on both phones. When the dog starts barking, just hit the icon and see who’s out there.
Hope you found this helpful.

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