Anti-Carjacking Device

Carjacking is a serious threat these days perpetrated by some of the most violent thugs society has to offer. A carjacker doesn’t possess the skills necessary to steal a car in the ‘conventional’ way, so they simply take it by force. Desperate for drugs, money or to escape the area where they just committed another crime, these cretins will not hesitate to harm you or your family in order to steal your vehicle. The vast majority of carjackings take place in urban areas, but that’s not to say they don’t happen elsewhere because they do.

I live in a very rural area that’s petty isolated from crime, however, I have to spend 3 days in a less than desirable area of Nashville next month so I’ve been thinking more and more about defending myself in that environment. I have a concealed carry permit and carry at least one firearm everywhere I go. Planning for my upcoming trip and the type of crimes that occur in that area, I decided to add a gun magnet to my car. I usually carry a Glock 9mm in a IWB holster which works great in most situations, but is less than ideal for accessing your gun in the car as it car be difficult to draw from. Adding a gun magnet under the dash of my car seemed like a good solution.

A couple of months ago I reviewed the Keeper Gun Magnet, which I really liked, but a sale on another brand enticed me to give them a try. The Gunhold Gun Magnet strength is rated at 35 lbs which I thought might be a bit of overkill (and it is), but might hold better in a moving vehicle. That magnet, like the Keeper, attaches with the 4 included screws and performs as advertised. I’ve been using it for nearly a week now and the gun has held solidly in place without being too difficult to draw from. Both products have worked well for their intended purpose. If you drive a large truck or even an off-road vehicle you might want to try the stronger one, but for me either one would easily do the job.

Gun Magnet1

Gun Magnet2

Hope you found this helpful!

Hope for the best, preepare for the worst.

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