Lots of Gear, Not Enough Training

Far too often I see preppers focused on having the latest cool gadgets and tools, instead of becoming proficient in the use of those tools. No, I am not against buying the latest cool tool, as I have been guilty of the same, but take the next step and actually learn how to use it. I see this issue most often when it come to firearms.

I currently work at an indoor gun range as a range officer and am currently seeking my NRA Instructors License. I see a lot of shooters; some good, some really good, some bad and some really bad; the primary difference being training and practice. When was the
last time you spent anytime with a trainer of any kind other than YouTube? I see far too many people come in the range with 8-10 guns who demonstrate poor technique with equal results. I see far too many people take their handgun permit class, but never return to practice. If you play an instrument you have to practice. If you want to play it well, you study with an instructor and practice. The same is true for any skill.

Check the NRA website for classes or Where to Shoot for ranges near you. Think about other skills you might need such a foraging, food storage, and survival skills. Expand beyond just buying stuff and you will greatly increase your odds of survival. Who knows, you might just have some fun while you’re at it!

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

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