A View From the Range: Check Your Ego at the Door

In an increasingly violent society where even churches are no longer safe, people are more and more turning to firearms for self defense and I applaud them for it. Many Americans are making the decision to no longer be an easy target, refusing to allow themselves to become a victim. I am seeing families coming to the range together, fathers and daughters, boyfriends and girlfriends, and lots of women – and that’s a good thing!

Working in the range, it’s my job to enforce all firearms safety rules, range rules and provide assistance where needed. I love to teach, so I jump at the chance to coach new or struggling shooters – if they’re open to it. A common scenario is a husband or boyfriend brings their female companion to the range and he’s going to teach her how to shoot; best intentions but not always the most productive. Reality check guys; we weren’t born Clint Eastwood and asking for some instruction should not be a blow to the ego. Come on fellas, we’ve all been guilty at times of assuming the role; the same way many of us don’t read owners manuals or ask for directions – it’s just how we’re wired. However, when it comes to firearms, pretending to know what you don’t can be not only detrimental, but downright dangerous. Women on the other hand seem more receptive to instruction and tend to learn and improve faster because of it – no ego to protect. I can’t count the number of times the guy didn’t want any ‘help’ until he witnessed his significant other (who asked for some instruction) out shooting him.

Come on guys, if you want to get better then ask for help, she won’t think any less of you and maybe, just maybe, she won’t out shoot you next time!

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