Sig Sauer P938 Stand: A Swipe at Anthem Kneelers?

Sig has released what it calls a 1911 inspired ‘Micro-Compact’ 9mm. No, that in itself isn’t big news as the market is flooded with good quality 9mm semi-auto pistols; the choices are nearly endless. However, this particular model has the Stars and Stripes engraved on the slide along with the name ‘Stand.’

Sig states this on its website:

“STAND AND SUPPORT: Introducing the special edition P938 STAND. Show your unwavering support for the flag and for America’s National Anthem with this special commemorative edition. With its stars and stripes engraved slide and custom grips with embedded flag medallion, you’ll proudly share in our support for America’s troops and first responders.” 

Sure sounds to me like a swipe at those NFL players who are disrespecting our flag over their perceived ‘injustice.’ I find their protest against our law enforcement community to be offense and without merit and apparently so does Sig Sauer. Unfortunately, if I buy yet another gun this month I’m quite sure my dear wife would probably shoot me with it. On second thought, this one just might be worth it!

Attached video from Sig Sauer:

Happy prepping!

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