Outback Steakhouse Kicks Out Armed Police Officer

Yes, you read that right; a uniformed officer was asked to leave the restaurant because it is a ‘gun free’ zone. Apparently they first asked him to take his firearm to his truck, but he refused stating that he has to be armed while in uniform. According to the article, this all started when another customer complained that she was ‘scared for her life’ because ‘police are shooting people.’ Now ask yourself this; why would anyone be so afraid of a police officer eating dinner – maybe someone with a guilty conscience, maybe someone living the ‘thug life?’ The customer even demanded to be escorted to her car ‘out of fear of being shot.’ As we say in the south, bless her heart.

First of all, I believe the restaurant asked the wrong person to leave. The police officer having dinner with his wife did absolutely nothing wrong. Yes, the company has apologized and is playing nice, but I guarantee that is only due to the negative press they are receiving. Given the same circumstances I am quite confident that they would react in exactly the same way – irrational.


These gun free zones are soft targets for crazies and an affront to lawfully armed citizens as well our first responders. When I see that stupid gun with a slash through it sign, I turn and walk away. If they are so opposed to the free exercise of our 2nd Amendment rights why in good conscience would I ever patronize their business? No, they can keep their bloomin’ onion and I’ll take my business elsewhere. Goodbye Outback, I certainly hope your future successes (or failures) are reflective of your poor decisions.

You can contact Outback Steakhouse here.

Keep your powder dry!


Special Thanks to Triggered Liberals!

My recent post about the Sig Sauer P938 Stand has seen some unexpected traffic thanks to left wing Slate Magazine linking the article in their ‘triggered’ attack on the firearm and those who find it interesting. The article will probably make you ill, but hey most of what I hear in the media has that effect on me anyway. It makes Colin Kaepernick and his merry band of kneelers the victims as well as implying that the police go around shooting innocents – typical liberal drivel.  You can read it yourself here, but you probably don’t want to.

Keep your powder dry!

Are You Ready for Spring?

Although looking out the window today it may not look much like spring, but the fact remains that spring is just around the corner. Think back to last year and all those “next year we’re going to…” and get going on them! In some parts of the country it’s already time to start seedlings indoors, in others you may have to wait a couple more weeks, but have you inventoried your seeds and ordered any new ones you might need? Are you going to grow in buckets or raised beds or maybe a new garden spot? Think about what were your successes last year and what failed and how you may address those issues.

We surprisingly (and quite by accident) had good success growing corn in plastic bins, we plan to add a LOT more bins for this. Jalapeno peppers went so crazy that we put Continue reading “Are You Ready for Spring?”