Special Thanks to Triggered Liberals!

My recent post about the Sig Sauer P938 Stand has seen some unexpected traffic thanks to left wing Slate Magazine linking the article in their ‘triggered’ attack on the firearm and those who find it interesting. The article will probably make you ill, but hey most of what I hear in the media has that effect on me anyway. It makes Colin Kaepernick and his merry band of kneelers the victims as well as implying that the police go around shooting innocents – typical liberal drivel.  You can read it yourself here, but you probably don’t want to.

Keep your powder dry!


  1. Well done! Any opportunity to trample on the make believe world of liberals is worth it. Of course, we can’t expect any of them to convert no matter how much reason or facts we bounce off of them, they are too invested in considering themselves victims whom society owes something to.

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