Push Back: Support the NRA

I will be the first to admit that I have had my differences with the NRA in the past, but it would be hard to deny that they have been instrumental in defending our rights. Make no mistake; our Constitutional Rights are under attack. Freedom of speech under attack on college campuses, on social media, youtube and anything the left doesn’t like is labeled as hate speech. Religious liberties are under attack; bakers sued for refusing to make gay wedding cakes, bibles banned from schools though Qurans are ok. One of the kooks on the ‘View’ recently mocked Vice President Pence’s Christian beliefs as a ‘mental illness.’ Now, once again. the left and their lapdog media are attacking our 2nd Amendment rights. If you accept the restrictions of one right, the others will eventually fall like dominos.

Assault Weapons Ban

The left and the media are howling ‘ban assualt weapons!’ Well, first of all, most of them have no idea what an ‘assualt weapon is.’ Second, we had such a ban in place from 1994 till 2004 and it had no effect on crime, none. Just in case you’re wondering, the Columbine School shooting took place in in 1999 during this ‘ban.’ The real assault weapons, automatic weapons, were banned under the National Firearms Act of 1934. You might also want to consider that the Texas Chuch shooter was stopped by an NRA instructor using one of those ‘evil’ AR-15s.


The left is attacking the NRA, with the usual ‘blood on their hands’ claim while conveniently ignoring the fact that they created these ‘Gun Free Zones’ that have made our schools, theaters and malls soft targets for criminals and psychos. Unfortunately, many large corporations are caving to the pressure and dropping their support for the NRA. Time to push back. If you value your Constitutional Rights, I strongly urge you to join, donate and support the NRA.

Join the NRA

Renew Your Membership

Donate to the NRA

Self-preservation is our most primal instinct, we must stand against those who would deny you the means to protect yourself and your family.

‘An armed populace will not willingly load themselves into railroad boxcars.’


  1. Great article. Absolutely, if you care about our freedom, join the NRA. I don’t agree with everything they do either but not joining them is cutting off your nose to spite your face. They are the heavy hitters. Also, Gun Owners of America is very good, though smaller, they are quite effective. For anyone serious about maintaining the 2A, join both.

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