What’s on Your Prepper Wish List?

Or maybe I should start by asking if you have one? If not, maybe you should! We have two lists that we are constantly updating: one is our weekly or short term and one long term.

The short term list is basically our shopping needs based on what we have used from our prepper pantry. We follow the first in first out rules of rotation to avoid lossing preps to spoilage and slowly build up that stock based on shelf life and how much we use. This list usually contains canned fruit, frozen veggies, meat, cases of water, paper goods, cleaning supplies, ammunition, etc.

Long term list is just that, more of a wish list, items that we need but don’t/can’t buy on a weekly basis. Currently it contains items such as more solar panels and other solar equipment, more batteries, firearms, more security cameras, kerosene, propane tanks, etc.

We try to use these lists to stay on track with our basic preps while prioritizing our next step. So what’s on your list?


  1. The biggest item that I wish I could afford is a piece of property outside of the suburban world we currently inhabit. The plan was to buy some property within a couple of hours of home use it for hunting and recreation in the short term. Add livestock in the mid-term and then retire there with a nice big garden after that. Harvey has delayed that plan some. I would also like a four wheeled drive truck/SUV to use around the property and as a bugout vehicle. A Honda Civic is great for normal use but can’t haul much or negotiate many obstacles.

    A whole house generator would be a nice system to have for hurricane season but based on the cost I will have to make due with a portable generator.

    A large water purification system.

    A burial policy so should something happen to me, my family won’t have to foot the bill (the lack of this is more a matter of laziness than cost).

    I am sure there are more but that’s what comes to mind.

    God bless

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    1. Wow, Armed Christian, that’s a great, well thought out wish list! Makes me not even want to comment! Hahaha

      The rural land is high on my wish list, unfortunately I don’t see it happening anytime soon. It would be great, BETTER than great to have something like that. Just as you said, use it recreationally at first, then slowly start to build it up, and eventually retire there.

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  2. Good stuff! Many of these items are still on our prepper wish list. Property is always the hardest one, but a nice remote property on high ground with some fresh water access is invaluable in this unstable world. God Bless.

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