Gun Free Zone. Who cares?

Starting out what promises to be a great day! The wife and I have planned some fun activities today which will no doubt lead us to a few of those dreaded ‘gun free zones.’ First we’ll grab some takeout for lunch with dad, he’s suffering from dementia so taking him to a restaurant is challenging at best. Then we’re heading to a theater to see the new ‘Death Wish’ movie starring Bruce Willis. I rarely see a movie in the theaters these days as I hate to give as much as a nickel to the wackos in Hollyweird, but Death Wish has been dubbed ‘insensitive’ and offensive to today’s snowflakes so we consider it a must see.  Yes, I loved the original Death Wish movies and Mr. Willis is NOT an anti-gun Hollywood leftist so I’m good supporting the movie. But wait, isn’t that a ‘gun free zone’; probably, but who cares?

Shopping: we’ll drive right past the anti-NRA Wal-Mart and Kroger to other retailers who haven’t attacked our 2nd Amendment rights. Then we’ll drive right past them again to visit our local family owned gun store to pick up a few more ‘high capacity magazines’ just in case Congress or our State Legislature do something foolish. On the way home we’ll stop at a locally owned retailer for some adult beverages where I will once again complain to the owner about the ‘no guns’ sign and remind him that the sign he has doesn’t display the required state ordinance number so it is unenforceable. Then once last stop for gas, once again at a locally owned station where I recently convinced the owner to take down his gun free sign – I became a customer for life.

I carry everywhere, regardless of what some silly little sign says. Face it, about the worst that could happen is they ask me to leave, but why would they when they don’t know I’m carrying? I’m not willing to be an easy target for thugs and psychos because some CEO decides he’s smarter than the Founding Fathers; not now, not ever.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


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