Essential oils – This Stuff Really Works

Unless you’ve been holed up in the woods waiting for TEOTWAWKI then I’m sure you’ve been hearing all the jabber about ‘essential oils,’ well I have been a tad skeptical to put it mildly. Well, much as I hate to admit it (I’m a guy, we hate to ever admit being wrong about anything), but yes, I was wrong. It seems there is something to all this. Now, I’m not going to go full in on everything as I don’t claim to know all that much yet, but what I have experienced is pretty amazing.

My dear wife started researching and experimenting with this stuff a few months ago as part of our quest to be healthier. Yes, it makes the house smell good, but to me that was about the extent of my interest, until I caught that nasty flu thing that’s been going around. I had a sinus headache that was relentless regardless of what I took for it, but when the wife loaded up one the infusers with peppermint and eucalyptus, it cleared the sinus pressure within just a few minutes. No, it wasn’t a magical cure, but it was relief! Ok I was sold, at least to some degree.

We now sleep better with lavender running in the bedroom infusers (we have 2 there.) Making our own natural cleaners with lemon and orange and the list goes on. When I ask dear wife for more info she just tells me to watch Dr. Axe. Well, that’s not going to happen anytime soon, so I will just leave the rest to her.

If you want to try it yourself here are the diffusers we use and a link to a good little starter kit of oils.

Update: some of you may find these plain diffusers a less than attractive addition to your home, we recently purchased a more decorative one for the kitchen that you might find more fitting for your decor. Foladion Smart Essential Oil Diffuser

Warning, if you have been as skeptical as me, you too might have to admit you were wrong.

Happy prepping!

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