A View From the Range: The Elderly Couple and Their AR-15

With all this talk about banning the inherently ‘evil’ AR-15 I thought I would share a little story with you. Recently as I was going about my normal duties at the gun store/indoor range an elderly couple, regulars and range members, came in carrying a new AR-15 still in its original box. A little back story, the elderly gentleman had started teaching his wife about guns about a year prior as he was having some health issues and wanted to make sure she could always protect herself. She really enjoyed their weekly time at the range and had become a pretty good shot. Today, AR-15 in hand, they asked for some advice; they needed to trick out this AR and get it sighted in. They said they had purchased it about a year ago (I assume prior to the election) and had just stored it in a closet. Now they wanted to get it set up and learn to fire it because in their words, “the government is talking stupid.” Amen. So we added a nice red dot sight and bore sighted it in before taking it out to the range. After a little time with one of the other instructors, they were drilling the target at 25 yards. Nice.

This couple knew the importance of self reliance and was clearly wise enough not to trust the government to act in their best interest. They are not alone; since this new gun control push began, ‘fully semi-automatic’ AR-15’s are flying out the door as are those ‘high capacity rapid fire magazines’ that dishonest politicians keep referring to. The relentless attacks on the NRA have led to a massive wave of new members as Americans push back against this attack on our 2nd Amendment rights. Fact: not all Americans are tide pod eating pawns waiting on some politician to tell us what to think.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Keep your powder dry!


  1. Nice bit about this was the reference to 25 yards and the use of a QR sight.
    I find it funny that people think conflict will be over 100 yards or more as standard. Most long gun use in self defense is indoors or out from the door chasing bad guys off. Yard range sort of stuff.

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