Good Guy With a Gun Stops School Shooting, Media Goes Silent

Does anyone else find it a bit suspect that there was yet another school shooting, but this time the media has completely dropped the story in less than 24 hours? No interviews with survivors, no student walk outs; nothing. With school shootings being used as a basis for yet another attempt at ‘gun control’ why has this one so quickly fallen off the radar; because it simply doesn’t support the agenda of those seeking to violate the Constitution and take away your right to self protection.

The narrative of this school shooting is much different from the ones we see in the media because this time it was stopped by a good guy with a gun. This time it was a quick acting RSO, a good guy with a gun, who shot and killed the shooter before he could create anymore carnage. At a time when many of us are calling for common sense security in our schools, this incident supports our case, so the anti-gun media will bury this one deep. The naked truth is: a good guy/gal with a gun is what stops a bad guy/gal with a gun, but the media aren’t nearly as interested in ‘reporting the news’ as they are in promoting an agenda.

Liberals and their media lapdogs are being seen by many for what they are; anti-1st Amendment, Anti-2nd Amendment – anti-American. Americans are buying up the evil ‘AR-15s’ at record pace, 30 round magazines or ‘high capacity rapid fire cartridges’ as the anti-gunners call them are flying out the door, and my concealed carry classes now have waiting lists. The talking heads keep talking, but we the people aren’t all as stupid as they think we are.

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  1. The truth is sometimes dead kids and carnage is what sells papers.
    Good guys who DIE saving lives is also worth a column inch or two.
    But to shut down an active shooter fast and clean simply isn’t carnage enough.

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