You Don’t Have to March in the Streets To Make Your Voice Heard

We’ve all seen the big protest marches with seemingly normal people wearing vagina cutouts on their heads and now children walking out of school and marching against the 2nd Amendment. We’ve seen big corporations bowing to the pressure such as Dick’s, Wal-Mart and Kroger. Well, you do have a voice and you don’t have to block traffic or dress like an idiot to get your point across. Vote with your wallet; refuse to patronize those places who clearly oppose your beliefs. Kroger has recently decided to pull any gun related magazines from their shelves, shop elsewhere and maybe even drop them a little
email telling them why you will no longer spend money in their store. (  Dick’s sporting goods has decided to raise the age to purchase a rife and will no longer sell those evil ‘assault style rifles’. The result of their decision has been a drop in sales and reduced customer traffic. Target came out a while back in support of letting a guy in a dress use the same bathroom as you wife or daughter; they have also suffered a loss of business. There are many other anti-gun companies, celebs, media and organizations that oppose your constitutional rights such as AARP, Sara Lee, Hallmark and others.

Left-wing organizers are pouring millions into these anti-freedom rallies, going as far as to pay protesters. You have to wonder what their end game really is.

Keep your powder dry!

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