Beware the Man With Just One Gun: Not Exactly – by Reflex Handgun

There is a saying that gets thrown around a lot within the gun community that goes something like “beware the man with only one gun because he probably knows how to use it.” Well, I have always found that somewhat amusing because there are no serious shooters that have only one gun. Guns are tools, […]

via Beware the Man with Just One Gun: Not Exactly — Reflex Handgun

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  1. I don’t know about the literal one gun but my father in law had only one of each type; one rifle, one shotgun and one pistol. The rifle, a surplus m1 carbine (that may have walked home with him from his time in the army) he could use to drop a deer where it stood at distances that should not be possible with that caliber and open sights. The .22 revolver was always in his pocket and used for darn near everything else; birds, squirrels, snakes, etc. I never saw him use the shotgun but it was in his room and typically loaded with rock salt. I did hear that he peppered one son in law (not me) with it when his behavior was inappropriate.
    He pretty much had only one knife, a Case folder that he used to cut his food, trim his nails, and to kill and butcher hogs. It was wicked sharp and he once explained to a different son in law (still not me) how it was used to castrate calves and could castrate him too if he didn’t straighten up.
    I miss that old man, I still had a lot to learn from him when he passed.
    God bless.

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