Deerfield IL Gungrabbers Contact Info: Please Share

The internet is buzzing about the tyrannical gun ban imposed in the Chicago Suburb of  Deerfield IL. I’ve heard it said over and over that ‘that could never happen here,’ but it is happening here. Clearly unwilling or unable to understand the clear and simple statement of ‘shall not be infringed’ the gun grabbers have struck again. But talking among ourselves doesn’t really accomplish much other than maybe making us feel better. So if you’re as angry with this decision as I am, please feel free to drop them a ‘friendly’ email or even give their office  jingle to say hi. Please pass it on!

Name Title Email Phone
Rosenthal, Harriet Mayor Email 847-945-3545
Benton, Robert “Bob” Trustee Robert Benton 847-945-1570
Jester, Thomas L. Trustee Email 847-945-6489
Oppenheim, Mary M. Trustee Email 847-948-9432
Seiden, William “Bill” Trustee Email 847-945-2442
Shapiro, Dan C. Trustee Email 312-763-9640
Struthers, Barbara Trustee Email 847-940-0917

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