Americans Will Not Give Up Their Guns

We will not submit, not now, not ever. Despite the major push from the Alphabet media, high school kids, and the uniformed, we as citizens will not give up that freedom. No matter how many rallies they have, how many signs they make or how many dimwitted politicians attack the NRA, we will not for one minute submit to their misguided demands. Think about it for a minute, these people are rallying to take away their own rights!

Survival is the most basic instinct we have and the right to defend one’s self and one’s family should not be up for debate. Gun control works only for those who wish to control the people. Look at Europe these days; an unarmed populace overrun my migrants. Crime, particularly against women, is raging out of control and the people can do little if anything to defend themselves. Heck, in London they are attempting to take knives away from law abiding citizens because knife crime is out of control. There is a machete attack every ninety minutes in the UK; so how’s that gun control working out for you? And how about Brazil, where Rio de Janeiro had 688 shootings in January alone, but guns are illegal!


Gun control is NOT for the safety and security of the people, it is to make the people completely dependent on the Government for their security and unable to resist tyranny. Kids rambling about gun control on CNN are not going to convince us to submit to such foolishness. Have you seen the die-ins? That has to be the dumbest thing I’ve seen since they paraded Davis Hogg around as some kind of expert. We must resist this attack on our freedoms to the bitter end. They say it’s impossible to deport the 30 million illegal aliens in the US, but that they can take 300 million guns away from law abiding citizens – I think not. When the Government says you don’t need a gun – buy two.

Now you can have it

Keep your powder dry.


  1. Good article, as usual. The guy in the picture with the sign is typical of these obscene leftists. When his sign says “we” he obviously does not mean himself personally. Whimps like this beleive in the state fighting for them and their own cowardice is the reason for their stand on the issue to begin with.

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