Complacency is Your Greatest Enemy

Maybe you’re ready and prepared for anything at anytime; trained, stocked up, secured and your to do list is empty – excellent! If that’s the case then feel free to move on, nothing to see here. But, if you’re like most people, you find yourself lacking in some ways simply because you’ve become complacent.

Complacency really is our biggest threat; as individuals and as a society. This can be related to security, preparedness, self-reliance, saving for retirement, religion or even politics. Sitting back or ‘going with the flow’ can ultimately lead to disaster.

Let’s take security for instance; have you ever left your car unlocked, left a loaded hand gun in the truck or forgot to lock the back door? Have you neglected to take your firearm with you because ‘I’ll only be gone a couple of minutes?’ Have you analyzed your home’s vulnerability to break-ins, or maybe still haven’t got around to buying those security cameras? Maybe you’ve been meaning to get that new gun out to the range, but just haven’t found the time. These are just a few examples of where being complacent in your security can come back to haunt you.


I recently realized that I had become very complacent with my food storage. I had allowed it to fall below what I deemed acceptable levels, while what I had added, I had neglected to properly label and date. I knew it needed to be done, I knew I was getting lower than I should, but I really didn’t see the urgency at the moment. Simply foolish; man made/natural disasters can happen at any time and my complacency had left me vulnerable.

Politics; and I hate to even go there, but this is a big area where literally millions are complacent and the consequences are huge. People are always complaining about this Senator or Mayor or whoever, but then they don’t bother to vote. Let me give you a recent example. Here in Tennessee, the Nashville Mayor was forced out of office as part of a plea bargain to avoid jail. A special election was held and instead of one of the many great candidates on the list, a wacko anti-gunner won outright, not even close. Here’s the scary part; in a city of over 1.9 million residents, only 75,000 voted. That my friends is complacency at its finest. If you’re not worried about the continued erosion of your rights, then don’t vote.

So did any of this strike a nerve with you, anything hit close to home? If so here are just a few suggestions to get you back on track:

  • Register to vote and VOTE!
  • Get to the range, practice and get some training
  • Take a CPR class
  • Plant a garden even if it’s small
  • Analyze your home security and make adjustments
  • Store at least 3 weeks worth of food and water
  • Store extra fuel for vehicles and/or generator
  • Have a means to cook without electricity
  • Store flashlights, batteries and candles
  • Have a First Aide kit
  • Have a fire extinguisher

I could go on forever, but you get the idea. If you’ve already started, great keep it up! If you’re just getting started or thinking about getting started – no better time than the present.

Feel free to share your thoughts.

Keep your powder dry!


    1. Well, I wrote it because I found myself slipping into that rut and figured I wasn’t the only one. Hope you found it helpful.


  1. Every time I feel I’ve got it sussed, I just read the world news.
    I’m looking for real life drama, disaster, and politics with aggression.
    Then I ask myself, how would we cope?
    No answer or a glib answer gets me working on a solution.

    As for our ‘no win scenario’ aka coping with UK government cock ups?
    I’m constantly running scenarios that involve us deciding what we are going to have to do BEFORE “whatever has been suggested or looked at” goes live and drops us in the mire without the courtesy of allowing us a paddle.

    So does that help?
    Dunno yet but pre-warned and calculated is way better than dealing with stuff on the rush.


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