Goodbye Netflix: Get Woke – Get Broke

Regular readers here will know that my wife and I cut the cord a long time ago, and primarily use Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and YouTube for entertainment. Well, apparently it’s time to say goodbye to Netflix. Back in March of this year it was announced that Netflix had appointed Susan Rice to its board of directors, you may remember Rice for blaming the Bengazi attacks on an unknown YouTube video and destroying the life of the filmmaker to cover her own butt. Now Netflix has signed Mr. and Mr. Obama to a multi-year deal for ‘original programming.’ Interestingly enough, Netflix claims that there will be no political slant to the programming. Huh, anyone buying this? From my perspective, Netflix has joined the other dishonest media outlets in becoming part of the ongoing Obama Ministry of Disinformation.

netflix burns

It’s time for Netflix to join the ranks of other un-American companies who don’t deserve your business. Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods, AARP, Sara Lee, Hallmark, Kroger, Starbucks, CNN and many more along with the Hollywood freaks that support them; they deserve our disdain, not our money.

Goodbye Netflix.

Keep your powder dry.

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