A View From The Range: Bring Your Friends

Today will be a good day; actually any day can be a good day if you spend it at the range! I have 2 friends meeting me at the range before work to practice and enjoy the fine sport of shooting. Not so unusual right? Well, in this case neither of these friends had touched a handgun until about 2 months ago. Both are former co-workers who until recently didn’t know what I did for a living these days. I never mentioned my passion for firearms to them before as our previous employer was very anti-gun. When they found out I was working as a firearms instructor, they had the same response as most, ‘yea, I’ve really been wanting to get a gun.’ For most people though, that’s where it ends. They like the idea, but never actually follow through on it.

Over the course of the last 2 months, both of these individuals have completed their Carry Permit Class with me, purchased new guns, and spent time practicing. They went from no perceived interest in guns, to fully on board and loving the sport. Some would say, yea, so what, big deal. Well, for me it is. With just a small time investment I added two more friends to the growing list of armed law abiding citizens. Yes, I’ve trained many more, but it’s different when it’s someone you know. Training with friends is sort of like having an exercise partner; it motivates you to train harder, it drives you to be better. Today will be the 5th time we’ve been to the range together since they completed their permit course and who knows, maybe they’ll bring some of their friends. So, who will you take to the range this week?

Keep your powder dry!


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