Fake News is Nothing New

We hear the term fake news a great deal lately, but fake news is anything but new. One has to wonder whether it’s more prevalent these days or just more obvious. There’s a video going viral today of a weatherman clearly exaggerating the wind during coverage of hurricane Florence, perhaps you’ve seen it.

If they would seek to deceive their viewers on a story as simple as weather, is there any doubt they would distort the facts to support their agenda? Here are a few older videos of the media getting caught attempting to deceive the public.

These are just a few examples of where the media undeniably distorts the truth.

I became aware of the media’s falsehoods first hand back in the 90’s. I was working for a large trucking company, I won’t say who, but they drive big brown trucks. Anyway, the Teamster’s Union in their infinite wisdom decided to go on strike and shut the company down. I was prepared for a long vacation as the politics driving the strike was clear, regardless of negotiations, there would be a strike. So one day during the strike I was listening to the radio and they were making some pretty wild claims about the picket lines at the facility I worked in; I decided to go see for myself. They made it sound as if there were 100’s of angry workers yelling and carrying on, but when I arrived the media far outnumbered the striking workers. There was no yelling or carrying on, just about 20 picketers carrying signs. Fake News.

During my visit I was having a conversation with a co-worker of mine when a reporter for a local newspaper asked our thoughts on the strike, my co-worker clearly stated that “we just want to go back to work.” Now, you may already see where this is heading because the next day the newspaper quoted her as saying, “We will stay out as long as it takes.” She later told me that she complained to the newspaper, but they refused to make a correction and were standing behind the story as written. I have never looked at the media the same since. Fake news.

It’s become crystal clear to many of us, and hopefully to you as well, that the media cannot be trusted to honestly report the news. They twist the facts to fit their agenda and world view; they distort, they omit, or they simply make it up. They blur the line between news and commentary and spew their opinions as fact all while looking down their collective noses at the uninformed masses who follow them. And they wonder why we’re preppers.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


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