Injustice For All!

Friends, we just might be witnessing the death knell of America as we know it. Yes, it’s been heading down the wrong road for a very long time, but what we are witnessing today is simply stunning. The belief structure that formed our system of justice, the idea that the accused is innocent until proven guilty, the right to a fair trial, the right to a jury of your peers, the right to face ones accuser, the right to defend ones self against false charges is itself on trial. What we are witnessing is far bigger than just another leftist smear campaign, no it’s far worse than that; it is an attack on the presumption of innocence and expansion of mob rule. What the left is demanding is a judgement of guilty without proof, just because we say so.  What’s next, a Colosseum full of lions? Should an accusation with absolutely no proof, no witnesses, no nothing result in 30 years hard labor in Siberia?

What the lefties are demanding is that their presumably chosen pawn be allowed to testify without being under oath, the accused testifying first so he can not rebut any allegations the accuser makes, to be questioned only by the Senate Committee with no lawyers for the accused and the defendant not be present during her testimony. Think about the reasons behind those demands; each of these demands directly violates the defendants rights, period. The accuser named 4 witnesses, all which under oath claim no knowledge of the ‘crime’ accuser claims occurred. Yet mobs of brain dead lefties and paid protesters led by communists within our own government, along with the ever obedient media of course, scream GUILTY! Sounds eerily similar to the Salem Witch Trials to me.

If you think we are heading to a new Civil War, you are wrong, it’s already here. We are fighting for the very basic principles that our nation was founded upon, we are fighting for our basic God given rights. They attack freedom of speech by calling it hate speech, they attack our 2nd Amendment rights in the name of ‘security’, they attack the free press by stifling conservative views while disseminating propaganda as news, they attack freedom of religion by slandering it as hate; nothing is off limits. As you watch this circus of fools, remember, they just might accuse you next.

And they wonder why we’re preppers.


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