Finding Time to Prepare

It’s known as the ‘rat race’ for a reason, we never seem to have time to get it all done; work, family, kids, school, etc. it seems relentless and never ending. However, how much time do we waste in unproductive activities? At this time I would like to thank the NFL for going off the rails and giving me my Sunday afternoons back. I guess I should also mention Monday Night football, and of course the special Thursday night edition of Monday Night Football, and even Saturday playoff games – looking back at all the time I wasted glued to the tube watching a silly game, and for what? Not to mention wasting time on those stupid ‘fantasy football’ leagues I got so involved in – what a waste.


“I’m worried that I’m not spending enough time on Facebook,” said no one ever. I guess I should include all social media including Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, and on and on and on – how much time do you spend every day on social media? Yes, the smartphone was a landmark development, but it seems we spend an awful lot of time posting cat pictures and starting arguments with our ‘friends.’ Try taking a cellphone vacation, I think you’ll find you are far more productive and a lot less stressed.

The Walking Dead season 9, NCIS season 16, etc., how much time do we spend watching movies and TV? I love a good movie and my wife loves her Orange is the New Black and a slew of YouTube channels, and we’re both guilty of wasting too much time watching. Maybe you’re glued to Fox News or CNN all day; think you could free up a little time here; I bet you could. Just a side bar, but how much junk food do you consume while your watching those ‘must see TV’ shows?


Here’s a big one that is usually overlooked: how much time do you spend in your car? Yes, we need to get to work, school and other activities, but could we reduce the amount of time we spend behind the wheel while also making it more productive? Question: how many times a week do you have to make a ‘quick’ stop at the store? Do you leave a few minutes early everyday so you can hit McDonald’s or Starbucks on your way in? Do you spend much of your lunch hour running out for fast food? How many times do you grab something quick for dinner on the way home? And how much time do you spend listening to tunes or those crazy guys on the ‘morning zoo’ radio? Think how much time you would actually save if you made time for actual grocery shopping and meal planning, packing a lunch and filling your carry mug with coffee you made at home. While you’re at it, inventory your pantry and decide what extra items you should purchase this week to increase your preparedness level. How may of those unnecessary stops could you eliminate, how much more time would you have during your lunch hour, and how much money you would save! What if you switched over to news radio to stay informed, or even listening to audio books instead of the morning zoo – use that time wisely.


Instead of coming home and immediately collapsing in front of the tube, try 5 minutes of dry fire practice first. Try taking a walk around the block as a family enjoying time together. Instead of scrolling Facebook ‘liking’ cute cat pictures and political Memes, spend those few minutes reading up on that new skill you want to learn. Instead of 30 minutes online before work, try 15 minutes of news and 15 minutes on the treadmill or lifting free weights. There are so many ways to save time for better things during the week. Try one or two and I think you’ll realize you have more time than you realize.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

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