Self Defense: Non-Lethal Options

The radical fascist group known ironically as Antifa has been at it again; blocking streets, smashing windows, attacking conservatives – you know, doing what fascists do. Amazingly we are seeing law enforcement being told to stand down and let them reign mayhem as they see fit. Make no mistake; high ranking members of the Democrat party including Hillary Clinton herself, are not only sympathetic, but at least partially responsible for the violence of these radical groups. And let’s not forget the mainstream media support for these violent groups who would just love to cast a conservative as the aggressor here.

So I was watching a YouTube video of them from Portland a couple of days ago, trying to imagine how I would respond if I were caught up in such madness. Yes, if confronted by these thugs I would want to pull my firearm and shoot them in the face, but the idea of a trial and long prison sentence definitely puts a damper on that. Considering the political climate, especially in Portland OR, the left would definitely seize on the opportunity to make an example out of an armed citizen defending themselves.

So, if you can’t exercise your God given right to defend yourself with your 2nd Amendment protected firearm, what then? Much as I hate to say it, non-lethal force might be the only answer. In my humble opinion stun guns, though powerful and effective, require physical contact with the bad guy; personally I would rather they didn’t get that close. Batons and other blunt instruments would be difficult to deploy from your vehicle so the only reasonable alternative, as I see it, is pepper spray. A good stream of pepper spray to the face will leave your assailant temporarily blinded while you make your way to a safer area. Yes, I would still rather shoot them in the face, but pepper spray at least gives you another option particularly if you live in a heavily gun controlled area. When we lived in the Chicago area my wife always had pepper spray in her purse, but a word of caution, although legal in all 50 States, some States restrict the type you can purchase.

Bottom line, pepper spray is cheap, legal, and less likely to land you in jail. This non-lethal option, if nothing else, gives yet another way to defend yourself from those would seek to do you harm.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


  1. Problem is sprays don’t always work. Especially on idiots.
    Where as a side baton generally makes a ‘lasting impression’.

    In the UK some of us carry dry powder extinguishers in the car.
    If the powder doesn’t put them down gasping for breath, it’s one heck of a deterrent affecting all in close proximity..
    Memo to self, Wear really good wrap round glasses and hold your breath..
    Some prefer CO2.
    I’m not a fan as eyes can be permanently damaged.
    Having said that, the roar coming out of the can usually makes people stand off.

    However both, when empty, can also leave a lasting impression. 😉

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