Prepper Christmas, In October

If you’ve been in any of the big box stores lately you probably noticed that their Christmas displays are up and ready – in October. Yes, we’ll just blast right past Halloween and Thanksgiving and get right to the shopping frenzy that Christmas has become. A small word of warning, please do not fall into the trap of overspending. Do not spend money you don’t have on gifts for people you barely know, or may not even like. Keep it simple; set a budget and stick to it.

Black Friday

So what the heck does any of this have to do with preparedness? Well, many of these same big box stores run big sales long before the ‘official’ Black Friday and you might just pick up a few gems for your stash. According to a friend of mine at Home Depot, they will be setting their first wave on Oct. 26th, just two weeks from now, I assume Lowe’s will probably do the same. What I have found in the past is great deals on flashlights, hand tools, knives, storage bins, batteries, multi tools, etc. Last year I purchased several flashlights, couple of multi packs of knives and AA and AAA batteries at 1/2 the normal price. Half price is good!

Hate fighting the crowds like me, well you can find some great deals online as well, watch Cabela’s and other outdoor retailers for hats, gloves, boots, camping gear and hunting accessories – even sites like Palmetto State Armory will have holiday deals you might just need! Of course there is always Amazon which runs daily deals throughout the season. Prepping can be expensive, but catching the right deal whether at Amazon or your local grocery store can definitely reduce the impact on your wallet. You’re not really prepared if you find yourself broke in January.

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Hope for the beat, prepare for the worst.



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