Prepared, Not Scared

I’ve never really watched a lot of those ‘End of the World’ movies or shows, but I had watched a couple of episodes of ‘Doomsday Preppers’ on YouTube a couple of years back and recently found the show again on Hulu. Now with a couple of days off (sort of) I decided to give them a second chance; yes, they are entertaining for sure, but also sad if you ask me. Now, I’m sure some of this has been ramped up for dramatic effect, but in every episode it seems they are prepping out of pure fear of some particular disaster. Living in fear will not make you an effective prepper, nor will preparing for a specific event unless that specific event actually occurs. For example, if you are preparing specifically for a terrorist attack and we have a global financial meltdown, will you be prepared for it or will you be caught of guard? There are some many things that can happen with disastrous effects: hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, financial meltdown, riots, disease, car wreck, job loss or socialists could take over the House of Representatives – the list is endless. I live in the mountains so flooding isn’t really on our radar, but if you live in a flood plain or coastal areas, that might be a primary threat for you. Understand the wide ranging threats you might face, both natural and man made, assess your threat level and prepare accordingly.

Fear can motivate, but it can also cause you to make poor decisions. Now, I’m not trying to pass judgement on anyone who does prep this way because I have been there myself and any prepping is better than nothing, but obviously far from ideal. In the lead up to the 2016 election there was rarely a day that I didn’t come home after work with a trunk load of canned food, cases of water, etc., I was prepping out of fear and it put our preps and our finances way out of balance. We allowed fear to override common sense. We didn’t start prepping out of fear, but we allowed it to change how we prepped. We had to step back, admit our mistakes, reassess our situation and move on.

We began our journey into prepping out of a desire to protect ourselves from the emergencies that can and do happen – an insurance policy if you will. We have worked to take greater responsibility for ourselves and to be less reliant on the system for food water and security. Food in the pantry is like money in the bank.

So where do you find yourself in this journey? Are you buying up everything in sight, glued to the news filled with anxiety or are you calmly and methodically preparing for what may or may not happen. We welcome your comments.

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