Before the Shopping Frenzy, Pause to be Thankful

It seems every year that Thanksgiving becomes less about being thankful and more about the deals we’re hoping to get on Black Friday. We live in the most prosperous country in the world, yet the drive to obtain more material goods seems to drive some people to the point of hysteria. Now, there’s nothing wrong with getting great deals or simply enjoying the experience; but I for one will pass. I will be working this Black Friday as we are holding a GSSF shoot, but thankfully my employer is one that will not open on Thanksgiving. Here’s a list of others: 


I often write about the economy, politics and preparing for what might come next in this uncertain and unpredictable world, but through all of it I am extremely thankful to live in this country. In spite of all her faults, mistakes, and political division this is still the greatest country on earth and we are all blessed to call her our home.

Think about this for a moment: If you own a car you are in the top 7% of the world’s population. If you own your own home you are in the top 7% of the world’s population. If you make more than $11,500 you are in the top 13% of earners in the world, $25,000 puts you in the top 10% and $47,500 puts you in the top 1%! Try this nifty little website to see where you fall. According to them I’m the 6,817,181st richest person in the world! Who knew?

Regardless of your lot in life, you have been blessed in some way; you have something to be thankful for. Maybe it’s a good job or a nice home, maybe it friends or family, or maybe you’re just happy to be alive! Whatever it is, take some time this Thanksgiving to pause and be thankful. Tell a friend or co-worker that you are thankful for them. Call up someone you haven’t talked to in a while and tell them you care about them, you never know; you might be the one bright spot in their day. Happy Thanksgiving – I am thankful for you.

Comments are welcome: what are you thankful for?



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