Why You Need a Prepping Partner

Society as a whole sees the prepared community as a bunch of paranoid, tin foil hat wearing nuts, sad indeed, but that being said, prepping by yourself must be a very lonely place. I’ve heard from readers whose spouses are not on board with their prepping, which makes being prepared difficult if not impossible. Having another like minded individual to share not only the planning and hard work, but someone to bounce ideas off of can be critical to your success or lack there of. Not only that, say disaster does strike and you’re hunkered down with your preps, would you really want to be alone? What kind of life would that be? What if you become sick or injured? Can you keep you location secure 24 hours a day by yourself? Yes, I know there are some who consider themselves lone wolves, who believe they can survive on their own, and maybe they can, but is that what you really want?

I am very fortunate that my dear wife is 100% on board, she shares my passion for it as well as keeping me in check when I need it and providing another perspective on our progress. Your prepping partner doesn’t have to be your spouse, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Recently we were reviewing our food storage and making a list of wants and needs for our next shopping trip, when she turned to me and said, ‘we need more ammo.’ That my friends is love. I guess there’s a reason we’ve been married so long, we think alike; we share the same goals, the same values and the same awareness of what is going on around us. I certainly hope you have someone to share the prepper journey with.

Happy prepping.



  1. It’s the nature of peer misinformation and media hysteria that keeps preppers apart.
    That and simple mistrust.
    After all one of the mantras of prepping is to keep your preparations to yourself else you expose yourself to attack when it matters.
    Yet being a lone wolf is a folly as said except it does allow you to roam without restriction.
    A friend of mine is a case in point
    I know he is a prepper. I started him on that journey BUT he chooses to walk his own path.
    Well not exactly alone as he has his two GSD’s as company.
    A trained dog of that caliber is an asset and, if necessary, a disposable weapon.
    He freely acknowledges that.
    Thus he can set up camp wherever he wants, sleep and live alone, confident that his dogs will warn him of danger AND have brought down small deer and other furries in their time thus providing food.

    However there is one scenario that should be worrying for all preppers, lone wolves, partnered and colony alike.
    That is biological contamination.
    For those in fortress mode or mobile by choice, being with others when a biological agent is in play can be fraught with danger. This is again where my friend scores above me. He only has two things to cope with.
    Contamination from others and (heaven forbid) something turning his dogs against him.
    While colonies and partnered may have to make a harder choice.
    What to do with your friend(s) that are now a danger to you.

    You know when I read books, blogs, watch YouTube, and talk to others who prep, it’s a subject that is carefully sidestepped. After that comes the question.Why?

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