Left Wing Media Ignore French Riots, South Africa Land Grab

Riots against France’s leftist darling Macron are quietly being ignored by the American media, as french demonstrators demand his resignation. Paris is burning, protests have spread and over 1000 have been arrested. The protests, sparked by the socialist leader’s plan to increase fuel taxes to support his green agenda, have seen as many as 125,000 take to the streets. The American media is silent. You don’t have to take my word for it, head over to their websites: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN – nothing.


The South African government has announced that it will begin seizing the land of white farmers without compensation in March of 2019. The government insists that it is the only equitable way to redistribute what they consider stolen land. Again, the western media is silent. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN…nothing. I was unable to find a single mention of this in the left wing American media complex. Left wing Supreme Court Justice Ruth ‘Vader’ Ginsburg once praised South Africa’s constitution for protecting ‘basic human rights,’ but where are those rights now?

land grab

Ask yourself ‘why would the media willfully ignore/omit/bury major international stories?’ Because they adore Macron and his socialist ideology and are all too willing to cover for his 18% approval rating. Because they praised South Africa as a shining star of freedom and equality at the end of Apartheid and to show otherwise would tarnish that media driven image. Omission of facts is just par for the course for our agenda driven mainstream media, but burying major stories like these just shows how far they are willing to go to hide the truth. They aren’t interested in reporting the news, they are too busy creating the news.

And they wonder why we don’t trust them.


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