Reason #64 to Always Carry A Gun

OK, so I haven’t actually given you 64 reasons to carry a gun, but you probably get the idea, besides, I just really liked the title. So, today we ventured out to feed my mother-in-law’s cat as she’s out of town visiting family for the holidays, but when we arrived at her house something was amiss. I had chosen to stay in the car while my wife went in to feed the lonely kitty, I was contently listening to the radio when I noticed her motioning me to come to the porch and mouthing the words ‘I need you.’ I didn’t think much of it as I slogged across the muddy driveway in the rain, but as soon as I got to the porch I saw it, the door appeared damaged and loose. We had been the victims of several break-ins when we lived in the Chicago area, so seeing her mother’s front door in this condition sent the adrenaline levels skyrocketing. I motioned my wife to step back,  pulled my firearm and went in to investigate. After methodically clearing each room I determined no one was inside and nothing appeared to be missing, I gave my wife the all clear and we shared a joint sign of relief.

I know many of you are thinking, why not just call the police? I admit it did cross my mind at the time, but with no vehicle in sight it was unlikely that anyone was actually still there as the location is fairly remote. Just as a side note, police response in this area is very slow as it is a very large, very rural county with very few officers; not their fault, just limited resources.

After spending some time in the house, we came to the conclusion that her mom had been repainting the door and trim and in the midst of remodeling and her haste to leave on her trip, she has simply neglected to properly tighten the door locks and reattach the trim. The adrenaline rush was all for nothing, but at that moment I was thankful for my training and very thankful to have my firearm with me. A firearm is useless if you can’t access it when you need it, that 4,000 rounds of .223 stashed in the bunker does you no good if you’re caught defenseless outside the home. Don’t leave it on the nightstand, don’t leave it in your car: carry one with you everywhere, every time.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


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