If Something Happens, I’ll Just Come To Your House!

We’ve probably all heard this repeated somewhere, but hopefully it’s never been said to you. Fact is, if someone has ever said this to you, then you’ve been sharing information you shouldn’t. In today’s society of instant gratification and complete disregard for long term planning or ‘saving for a rainy day’ the parable of the Ant and the Grasshopper has never been more true. Understand, our society has become so spoiled and so weak that chaos and desperation would be widespread after just a few missed meals. During the current Government shut down some people are near hysterics that the SNAP payments could possibly be delayed, very sad indeed.


Never tell a non-prepper, much less a stranger, that YOU are a prepper.  Recently a co-worker of mine was telling me about a few things her husband was looking into such as solar power and building a greenhouse, she said, ‘he’s kind of a prepper, but not the crazy kind.’ I had to laugh. On one particular stock up run back in our early days of prepping, a cashier actually asked us if we owned a restaurant – we were clearly too obvious. If you are just a hobby prepper who likes to have the latest cool gear and talk big at the gun store, fine, but if you are seriously preparing for an uncertain future, you need to keep your preps to yourself.

hobby prepper

Are you advertising your preps without realizing it? Do your neighbors see you carrying an inordinate amount of food and water into your house? Is UPS/FedEx delivering 3-4 times a week? And what about those delivery drivers, is it really obvious to them by what you’re buying? Note: it may not even be that friendly driver you need to worry about, but maybe his buddy he happens to tell about that house that gets a lot of ammo. Look around your house, would a visitor to your home pick up on your little secret; repair people, appliance delivery, etc.? If you are obviously prepping, you will be a target in a crisis.

Earns UPS

They can’t steal what they don’t know exists. Online shopping is great, but you may need to be a bit more discrete, try to buy more of your supplies local and unload the car/truck in the garage or after dark if necessary. All your planning and hard work may all be for naught if it’s taken from you. That sweet little soccer mom across the street may quickly become a threat when her kids are going hungry. Yes, I know, I know; it all sounds selfish, but the safety and security of yourself and your family should be your first priority. Should you decide to share your preps with others in a time of crisis, that is your decision to make, but understand that doing so may put your own family at risk.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


  1. Unfortunately I have had more than one friend say that when the SHTF they will come to my place. This is mainly because i grow so much food in my garden. Just one look will tell you that i grow much more than we can eat each day. This is mainly because we preserve a lot of the extra produce and store it for winter/hard times /emergency. We also give produce to our friends, extended family and neighbors. Ours is the only house on the street with beans climbing over the fence. Its a bit of a give away.

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