Want the Wall? Cast Your Vote & Donate: Update

While Congress is doing nothing, as usual, private citizen and purple Heart recipient Brian Kolfage has started a GoFundMe account to fund the construction of a border wall. Politicians have been kicking this can down the road for decades, with both sides guilty of inaction for their own selfish reasons. Enough.

Donate here:  We The People Will Fund The Wall

Regardless of whether or not the goal of $1 Billion is reached, I believe this to be a great opportunity to speak out as citizens. You lock your back door don’t you, then why is America’s back door standing wide open? If you aren’t in a position to donate at this time, I hope you’ll at least take a moment to sign the petition. Note: the left wing media along with America hating losers like Jimmy Kimmel and Alyssa Milano are attacking Brian for his efforts and a  Washington Post ‘reporter’ went as far as trying to get GoFundMe to shut down the account. Hit back, donate.

As of this writing, the fund stands at just over $20.7 million dollars.

The mainstream media is falsely claiming that all money is being refunded and the whole thing is over, fake news. You can continue to donate to help build the wall at the same link as before. If you donated before Jan. 11 you will need to go here to have your donation directed to the newly formed 501(c)(4) to fund the border wall.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


  1. Glad you posted this here…we were on it last Tuesday…found that $82/person X the 63 mil that voted for PDJT would = $5 Billion…..so, we tossed in $164.
    NOW…it seems that we need “permission” to spend our buck thru any govt agency for an agreed purpose/cause. A bill has been intro’ed but don’t expect to see it this Congress. Might provide some “sport” in the next Congress…3-shots for a buck at your favorite worthless Congress Critter….re: Back the funding by US Citizens of the wall….or, kiss off re election!.

    Do you want some “secure comm’s” for your prep shelf?… I can furnish 1 yr or more worth of “one-off” files/sheets like our grunts use…eSOI is the item…comes on a DVD disk…never let them see the internet…use an AIR GAP firewall…enough radio calls for 120 units…two way to encode/decode….challenge/response…can be printed hard copy.
    I can also provide tutor for ham radio usage…and, station design, etc. See KD7DCR on QST.com … use: “call sign” @ netscape.com in correct format.

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  2. If the federal Democrats cannot be convinced to come off of their Puerto Rican vacation (paid by lobbyists at the tune of $460/day per politician + 4 support personnel x $460/day ). then can we convince border states to take up the building and reimburse them through them through this?

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